How to pack a dry bag

How To Pack Your Dry Bag


The main theme to packing for a wilderness trip is compact, ‘Bring just what you need.’   Meaning don’t over pack on extras such as 3 shirts 2 pants etc…. Dry bags are 12”x 20” top loading and each person gets one bag, so pack your items in a bag close to this size. When we meet you, it’s an easy transfer to our dry bags. The rolled clothing method seems to take up less space. The use of a compressing stuff sack for your sleeping bag saves room also.

Tips on packing:


  1. Do not bring large cotton flannel sleeping bags. They are giants in the wilderness trip world. We recommend bringing a synthetic bag. They pack easier and are warmer. If this is inconvenient, we have rental sleeping kits available.
  2. Stuff a pillowcase with clothing rather than bringing an actual pillow.
  3. Don’t pack a tent. If there is no chance of rain, consider the opportunity to sleep under the stars.       It’s what the guides do!


  1. Double check that you have any prescription meds you might need.
  2. Whiskey is lighter than beer!! Pack accordingly.
  3. Ask yourself, “Do I Really Need It?”
  4. And remember, ‘If you forgot it, you don’t need it’



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